Certificates and standards

In the given section, you can download a PDF file with the certificates for the products, the certificates as per the QMS, and the standards applied at the enterprises of Casting.

Certificates for the products
Certificate of compliance for cathode copper
Certificate CT KZ for the products of enterprises of Casting LLC
Certificate of compliance for reinforcing bars of periodic profile
Certificate of compliance for continuous cast square billets
Certificate of compliance for reinforcing bars of smooth profile
Certificates as per the QMS
Certificate of compliance ST RK 9001-2009 for the smelter
Certificate of compliance ST RK ISO 9001-2009 for the steelworks
ISO 9001-2008 Сертификат TÜV Rheinland Group for the steelworks
Copper smelterand ZOCM Steelworks
ST ТОО 39047093-01-2008 Copper alloy pipes ST ТОО 010541005838-001-2012 Continuous cast square billets
ST ТОО 39047093-05-2008 Copper pipes of shaped section (cathode rods) ST ТОО 39047093-003-2009 Reinforcing bars
ST ТОО 39047093-04-2008 Bimetallic finned tubes ST ТОО 39047093-002-2008 Rolled steel balls
ST ТОО 39047093-03-2008 Water-cooled copper bars (caissons) GOST 380-2005 Carbon steel
ST ТОО 39047093-02-2008 Bars and tires GOST 7524 Steel grinding balls
GOST 295-98 Aluminium for deoxidation GOST 5781-82 Reinforcing bars
GOST 617-2006 Pipes made of copper and brass GOST 2590 Round rolling bars
GOST 494-90 Pipes made of brass GOST 14959-79 Rolling bar made of spring carbon and alloy steel
GOST 546-2001 Copper cathodes
GOST 1535-2006 Copper rods
GOST 1583-93 Aluminium casting alloys
GOST 2584-86 Contact rods
GOST 4784-97 Wrought aluminum and alloys