Steel Plant

In 2001, the company initiated establishment of a new steel production line in Pavlodar on the basis of an unused workshops of a former tractor plant. In May 2002, 10 months after the start of the project, Casting’s Pavlodar branch produced first own steel.

In 2003, the first production line of the plant having a capacity of 300,000 tons of products per year was put into operation. The line has an electric furnace unit, consisting of three 25-ton electric arc furnaces, two ladle furnace units, a three-strand continuous steel casting machine producing 100x100 to 150x150 mm steel billets, and a section rolling unit, which includes a medium-section mill-500, small section mill-300 and a ball-rolling mill MS-64.

The plant is fitted with equipment of the leading European producers, such as Danieli, Sider Engineering, Vezzani, Lindemann, and Siemens. This equipment coupled with up-to-date technologies allows us manufacturing products of the highest quality.

The country’s first steel mini-plant working on a secondary raw material (scrap) has also become the first plant in Kazakhstan that launched manufacturing of reinforcing bars for the construction industry. Currently more than a thousand people work at Pavlodar Steel Plant named after “The 10th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan”. Being one of the most rapidly developing enterprises in the Pavlodar region, the plant makes a significant contribution to the social and economic progress of the region.

Quality control

One of the key structural departments of the steel plant is the laboratory for analysis that assesses the quality of incoming raw materials, intermediate and finished products for their compliance with the regulatory requirements and quality certificates. The main tasks of the laboratory include: rapid analysis of the chemical composition of the samples of main products produced, determining the mechanical properties of the samples of finished products, parts, components of lifting mechanisms, welded joints, and refractory materials, determining the chemical composition of the samples of purchased products, incoming raw materials and waste; determining the level of radiation safety for products, waste and the working places.

The high quality of measurements performed by the laboratory for analysis of Casting LLC is confirmed by a number of certificates and diplomas. On July 19, 2010 the lab was awarded a certificate fromThe National Center for Expertise and Certification Pavlodar Branch, evidencing the availability of conditions that are required to make measurements (tests) in the routine operation of the lab. There is a certificate available for the right to carry out works in the field of industrial safety, issued by the Committee for State Control of Emergency Situations and Industrial Safety under the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Emergency Ministry. In addition, in 2008 KAZSTROYPROEKT - PV issued a certificate for the right to carry out works in the field of industrial safety and an expert opinionas to the compliance of the lab with regulatory requirements in the field of industrial safety of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning diagnosis and control of the welded joints and the base metal.