Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant

Casting’s Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant was put into operation in Almaty in 1994. The plant’s production capacity is 6,000 tons of copper alloys per year. The range of products is wide – from 8 mm diameter wire rod to the complex profiles of various geometric shapes. Moreover, the plant produces copper alloys – bronze and brass.

Casting’s specialists developed and mastered a method of continuoushorizontal casting to produce copper, bronze and brass bars, water-cooled caissons, skid rails and other bars.

Close location of our plants based in Almaty makes production processes more effective. For example, the Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant uses the cathode copper and blister bronze produced at the Copper Plant as the raw material for production. And the slag from Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant is sent back to the Copper Plant for production of blister copper.