Copper Plant

Our Copper Plant located in Almaty was put into operation in 2001. Casting engineers designed and constructed this plant entirely themselves. The plant is fully oriented at the processing of secondary non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Annual capacity of the plant is 25,000 tons of copper cathodes per year. At present, the Copper Plant employs about 400 people.

Copper cathode production involves three successive process stages. These are the preparation and treatment of secondary raw materials; fire refining for production of copper anodes; and electrolytic refining to get cathode copper of M00K, M0K and M1K grade.

With constant improvement of our equipment and technological processes we managed to reach a high level of complex use for the feedstock. As a result, we extract zinc, lead, gold and silver from copper and non-ferrous metals scrap. At present, we are carrying out laboratory studies and semi-industrial tests for technologies that will allow us to add tin and nickel to the list of our products.

Our Copper Plant is located within the boundaries of the city. That is why we had to develop and introduce the newest resource-saving technologies that comply with the toughest environmental standards. To prevent the air pollution we installed gas-purifying units, which provide disposal of heat and gas and their treatment from dust fractions by 99%. The dust so collected mainly consists of zinc oxide and is then sold as zinc concentrate. To protect the water and soils, a unique multi-stage technology of continuous regeneration of electrolyte solutions is developed. Its application helps to eliminate the discharge of disposal solutions, provides continuous removal of impurities that negatively affect the quality of cathode copper, and increases the extent of using the raw material.

One more promising challenge for the Copper Plant is production of grade quality aluminum and lead alloys. In 2007 we made a decision to modernize Copper Plant. In particular we purchased equipment from the French company Dross Engineering. In 2008 Casting put into operation a modern production line that involves a rotary furnace for scrap melting, a casting machine, and machine for ingots forging. Its capacity allows producing about 12 tons of aluminum and lead alloys a year.

Quality control

To ensure high quality products at the smelter and non-ferrous metals processing plant in Almaty, a testing laboratory was set up. As an integral unit of the complex quality control system, the lab provides control of incoming raw materials, the entire process of production of cathode copper and alloys based on it, as well as finished products.

All studies are conducted by highly qualified specialists, having extensive experience in analytical and research work. Based on the results of the measurement assessment, carried out by JSC The National Center for Expertise and Certification Almaty Branch, a certificate was awarded confirming that the laboratory has the conditions, test equipment, samples and qualified staffers for carrying out tests at the highest level.