Increasing the customer satisfaction through the increase of value of our products is the No.1 priority of our company. Casting determines its present and future position by setting goals with regard to the quality. In the setting and achieving the goals, every employee of Casting is guided by the principles of quality management. The quality policy, proclaimed by the top management of Casting, creates the framework for the setting and analyzing of the Goals.

1. Consumer defines the level of quality. It is exactly the consumer who wants to get such products, which will satisfy his/her needs and expectations in his/her life. We strive to add to the successful operation of our customers, creating high quality products for them.

We are a consumer-oriented company

2.The top management outlines the strategy of Casting, establishes and maintains an environment in which every employee is involved in achieving the Goals as per the Quality Policy. We implement the current quality policy with the active participation of each of us, headed by the top management. We realize that the core values of our company leaders are their ability to uncover thecreative potential of every employee.

Focus on leadership

3 We increase the value of our company through the continuous professional growth of every employee. Each of us is focused on continuous self-education and training, and effective participation in team work. It is the people who are the generator of ideas and actions soas to implement, develop and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Focus on involvement of employees

4 In Casting, every employee treats a colleague, who is engaged in the next phase of the process, as the internal customer. We organize our activities in such a way that it will not be requiredat any next stageof the process to eliminate defects generated at the previous stages of the process.

Focus on process approach

5 Any work performed by the staffers of Casting, and by our suppliers, is part of the process of products manufacturing for the consumers. Every employee can influence this process, thereby affecting the quality of products produced and the customer satisfaction.

Focus on system approach

6 We strive to use information, material and financial resources in the most complete and effective way. We ensure the improvement of the product quality and labor through modernization and upgrading of production.

Focus on continuous improvement

7 For decision-making with regard to the quality, we collect reliable information on processes and products to subsequently analyze them. Relying on facts in decision making

8 Suppliers of raw materials and services are our partners. We build and develop trustworthyand long-term partnerships with them that gives confidence in the success of our cooperation.

We are a company that maintains mutually beneficial relations with suppliers.

Vitaly N. Chevtayev, Casting LLC Director