Environmental issues

Castingand its affiliate network, engaged in processing of secondary ferrous and non-ferrous metals, is a company that ensures environmental safety and diminished effect on the environment.

Having awareness of the responsibility for ensuring the conservation of the environment, the safety and the reliability of production in the performance of environmental and social commitments, the top management of Casting and its branches adheres to the declared Policy Guidance in the Area of Environmental Management, developed by the company where these responsibilities are outlined.

The main instrument of conformity of the Casting’s operation to the declared policy is the Environmental Management System.

The environmental management system of Casting is based and operateson the following principles:

  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the area of environmental protection, and withother requirements to which the organization agrees.
  • Effective process control in production.
  • Effective management of waste products.
  • Reduced impact on the environment through increased energy efficiency and the use of recycled resources.
  • Involving all staff of Casting in activities to reduce environmental risks, and improving the environmental management system and performance indicators related to environmental protection.
  • Providing a wide covering of environmental issues with regard to operation of Casting and its affiliates, transparency ofits environmental activities and relevant decisions taken.
  • Pollution prevention through continuous monitoring and systematic internal and external environmental audits.

The top management of Casting and its affiliates undertakes a commitment to provide resources in order to implement the Policy in the Area of Environmental Management and bringing it to the awareness of every employee.

Vitaly N. Chevtayev, Director of Casting LLC