Management and Certification Systems

In severe competitive environment Casting is committed to supplying products that meet both the requirements of the consumers and industrial lawsand regulations. This involves modernization of the production system with afocus on constant improvement, and ensuring the stable quality. In this regard,we decided to develop and introduce a Quality Management System (QMS) incompliance with the Kazakhstani and international standards at all our plants.

Since July 2007 we introduced the Quality Management System at our Steel Plant, meeting the requirements of the ST RK ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 standards, which has been successfullyoperating now on. Quality control at all production stages is confirmed by certificates of conformity issued by National Center for Examination and Certification JSC and TUV SUD SERT – a certification organization of TUV SUD Management Service GmbH.

In February 2008 National Center for Examination and Certification JSC awarded a certificate to Casting’s Copper Plant, confirming the compliance of the Quality Management System to the standard ST RK ISO 9001 in production and sale ofcopper cathodes. In March of the same year we decided to expand the scope ofthe QMS to production of all products and semi-finished products at the Copper Plant and Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant.

In September 2011 we launched the integration of QMS at the Copper Plant, Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant, and Steel Plant in Pavlodar. In the framework of this integration, Environmental Management Systems are currently under development at all our three plants in accordance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 14001.

Implementation and constant improvement of the management systems allow us to enter a new level of development. This involves modernization of the organizational structure of management, thereby improving its efficiency, raisingthe level of quality control and environmental safety, ensuring the output ofproducts in full conformity with the consumers’ expectations, increasing sales, and entering the list of “first choice suppliers” for major local and foreign companies.