Corporate Responsibility

Today, corporate and social responsibility of a business is a key element of its interaction with the state and society, and therefore, Casting LLC takes an active position in this issue.

As a responsible corporate entity, we aim to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of the national economy through the efficient operation of ourenterprises, and with responsible attitude to our staffers and the community to help improve the level of life of the population in the regions where we run our business.

Casting’s strategy for sustainable development is based on the following priorities:

  • Increased productivity through innovation, renovation and modernization of our enterprises;
  • Improved product quality through the development of quality management and industrial process control;
  • Industrial safety and health;
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Social support and career development of the staff;
  • Support of the local population and economy;
  • Ensuring the constructive dialogue and the interests of all concerned parties.